Our Approach

We bring deep technical expertise combined with real-world business experience. Our knowledge and best practices were learned from years in the trenches. No fresh from college MBAs trying to tell you how to run your business with buzzword bingo.

We have a flexible client-oriented approach with lightweight agreements and transparent communication.

Our Story

Rick formed Motoforza in 2015 to specialize in the Connected Car, Audio/Video Products and IoT spaces.

Our first client was signed with a handshake over an Egg McMuffin and we keep that simple handshake philosophy today.

Rick Kreifeldt


Rick is founder and President of Motoforza Inc. At Motoforza he has led RFQs, technology strategy, M&A activity, organizational development and supplier partnerships at OEM and Tier1/2 clients in the areas of Connected Vehicle and ADAS/Autonomous Vehicles. Previously he worked over 21 years at HARMAN, the world’s leading Infotainment and Audio Supplier.

In his last role at HARMAN Kreifeldt led a corporate-wide research across five global research sites in US, India and China. Spanning the entire technology needs of HARMAN with as many as 30+ concurrent research projects, these teams developed advanced projects in IoT, Infotainment Architecture/Security, V2X, ADAS, Smartphone Integration, Machine Learning, Automotive Big Data, Advanced Headphones, Audio Speakers and systems, audio networking and other technologies.

Rick also was a founder and Chairman of the AVnu Alliance. He helped grow this organization from initial founding to more than 80 companies

Rick holds 23 patents in the areas of Networking, DSP, and System Design

Next Steps...

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